Printable Anatomy Flashcards - Items tagged as "Digestive system"

The Comical Anatomist's printable flashcards are perfect for

  1. Testing your anatomical knowledge at a moments notice
  2. Adding a touch of humor to your notes: Practice those surgical skills by printing these organs out and cutting and pasting it into your notes
  3. Getting crafty and making a comical anatomy collage to hang proudly on your wall (Procrasti-craft your way to victory! If you learn even one thing while doing this it still counts as study!)
  4. Staring blankly into the depths of the organs soul offline on your smart phone, tablet or computer until these organs haunts your dreams (in a good way).
  5. Adding some anatomically correct hilarity into your power point presentations!
  6. Osmosing this anatomical knowledge by sticking these organs to various parts of your house. Some examples of this being successfully executed are:
  • To the restroom door (trust me this works)
  • The fridge: Perfect for those who procrasti-snack, bake or eat!
  • By your bed: Who wouldn’t want to be lullabied to sleep by these happy organs? (disclaimer organs may not actually sing to you unless severely sleep deprived)

    Always remember! Osmosed knowledge is the best form of knowledge! And this can help you get there! Well, at least part of the way