Printable Anatomy Posters (High Res) - Items tagged as "Auditory system"

Need to osmose some hilarious anatomical knowledge? Well look no further! These high resolution full color printable posters are just what the doctor ordered! These specimens comes fresh from the morgue so you can test your knowledge all the way to the exam room!

Best Way to Use These Resources:

  1. During a dreaded internet apocalypse that rends your access to online resources impossible, forcing you to resort to a, dare I say it...TEXTBOOK!
  2. These images are so high on resolution that printing them out will be a crispy HD breeze!
  3. These are perfect for offline studying so that you can save your precious data for more important things (like those adorable cat videos!)

Here are some more toe tappingly fun ways to study using The Comical Anatomist Digital Downloads:

  1. Up a tree
  2. Sipping tea
  3. By the sea
  4. With a manatee

PLUS, many more fun ways that are yet to be discovered! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

File Type: High resolution PDF Color Digital Download

Image Size: A4 (210x297mm)