A5 Color Digestive System with a White Background JPEG Bundle

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If you’re looking to adopt a set of organs onto your hard drive that are both light on color AND size then this is the bundle of joy for you!

The Comical Anatomist's A5 JPEG full color urinary system bundle with a white background is perfect for:

  1. Adding a touch of humor to your notes: Practice those surgical skills by printing these organs out and cutting and pasting it into your notes
  2. Getting crafty and making a comical anatomy collage to hang proudly on your wall (Procrasti-craft your way to victory! If you learn even one thing while doing this it still counts as study!)
  3. Osmosing this anatomical knowledge by sticking these organs to various parts of your house. Some examples of this being successfully executed are:
  • To the restroom door (trust me this works)
  • The fridge: Perfect for those who procrasti-snack, bake or eat!
  • By your bed: Who wouldn’t want to be lullabied to sleep by these happy organs? (disclaimer organs may not actually sing to you unless severely sleep deprived)
  1. Staring blankly into the depths of the organs soul offline on your smart phone, tablet or computer until these organs haunts your dreams (in a good way).
  2. Adding some anatomically correct hilarity into your power point presentations!

Always remember! Osmosed knowledge is the best form of knowledge! And this can help you get there! Well, at least part of the way

Organs Included in this bundle:

  1. Mouth Anatomy
  2. Mad Molar Anatomy
  3. The Tongue
  4. Esophageal Constrictions
  5. Esophagus Arterial Supply
  6. Esophagus Venous Drainage
  7. Esophagus Lymphatic Drainage
  8. Innervation of the Esophagus
  9. Muscle Layers of the Stomach
  10. Inside the Stomach
  11. Stomach Arterial Supply
  12. Stomach Venous Drainage
  13. Stomach Lymphatic Drainage
  14. Stomach Innervation
  15. Parts of the Small Intestine
  16. Danny Duodenum
  17. Duodenum Arterial Supply
  18. Ileum and Jejunum Arterial Supply
  19. Small Intestine Venous Drainage
  20. Mesenteric Lymph Nodes
  21. Innervation of the Small Intestine
  22. Large Intestine Anatomy
  23. Large Intestine Arterial Supply
  24. Large Intestine Venous Drainage
  25. Large Intestine Lymphatic Drainage
  26. Large Intestine Innervation
  27. Anorectal Musculature
  28. Rectum & Anal Canal Anatomy
  29. Rectum & Anal Canal Arterial Supply
  30. Rectum & Anal Canal Venous Drainage
  31. Rectum & Anal Canal Lymphatic Drainage
  32. Liver Anterior Surface
  33. Posterior Surface of the Liver
  34. Postero-Inferior Surface of the Liver
  35. Liver Arterial Supply
  36. Liver Venous Drainage
  37. Liver Superficial Lymphatics
  38. Liver Deep Lymphatics
  39. Liver Innervation
  40. Inside the Gallbladder
  41. Gallbladder Ducts
  42. Gallbladder Venous Drainage
  43. Gallbladder Lymphatic Drainage
  44. Parts of the Pancreas
  45. Ducts of the Pancreas
  46. Pancreas Arterial Supply
  47. Pancreas Venous Drainage
  48. Pancreas Lymphatic Drainage
  49. Pancreas Innervation


File Type: JPEG (In ZIP folder)

Image Size: A5 (148x210mm)

File Size: 23.3MB

Number of Images: 49

This organ bundle you are about to adopt is a digital download which is super excited to be making its home on your hard drive. Upon adopting these organs you will receive an email from send owl with a link that will take you to the page where you can download your chosen organ/s. If you find the email hasn’t reached you be sure to check your junk mail in case your inbox is guarded by a super ninja warrior. If there are any issues with the download please contact us via the following email: support@thecomicalanatomistshop.com

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