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Need to osmose some anatomical knowledge? Well look no further! This high resolution full color PDF Digital Download of the Ear Canal is just what the doctor ordered! This specimen comes fresh from the morgue so you can test your knowledge all the way to the exam room!

Best Way to Use This Resource:

  1. During a dreaded internet apocalypse that rends your access to online resources impossible, forcing you to resort to a, dare I say it...TEXTBOOK!
  2. This image is so high on resolution that printing it out will be a crispy HD breeze!
  3. This image is perfect for offline studying so that you can save your precious data for more important things (like those adorable cat videos!)

Here are some more toe tappingly fun ways to study using The Comical Anatomist's Digital Downloads:

  1. Up a tree
  2. Sipping tea
  3. By the sea
  4. With a manatee

PLUS, many more fun ways that are yet to be discovered! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

File Type: High Resolution PDF Color Digital Download

Image Size: A4 (210x297mm)

File Size: 11.5MB (He's packed full of sound so he's a bit weighty)

The Ear Canal you are about to adopt is a digital download which is super excited to be making its home on your hard drive. Upon adopting this organ, you will receive an email from send owl with a link that will take you to the page where you can download your chosen organ/s. If you find the email hasn’t reached you be sure to check your junk mail in case your inbox is guarded by a super ninja warrior. If there are any issues with the download please contact us via the following email: thecomicalanatomist@gmail.com

This purchase will allow you 5 attempts to download this organ.

Due to the abundance of internet pirates, all images will be PDF stamped with your name, transaction ID and the email address you used to purchase this digital download with. The Comical Anatomist thanks you for your understanding!

With that, happy web surfing and studying!