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Need to learn some anatomical knowledge fast? Well look no further! This Digestive System PDF E-book is just what the doctor ordered! This specimen comes fresh from the morgue so you can test your knowledge all the way to the exam room! Act now for study success!

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Organs Included in This E-Book:

Part 1:
  1. Mouth Anatomy
  2. Mad Molar Anatomy
  3. The Tongue
  4. Esophageal Constrictions
  5. Esophagus Arterial Supply
  6. Esophagus Venous Drainage
  7. Esophagus Lymphatic Drainage
  8. Innervation of the Esophagus
  9. Muscle Layers of the Stomach
  10. Inside the Stomach
  11. Stomach Arterial Supply
  12. Stomach Venous Drainage
  13. Stomach Lymphatic Drainage
  14. Stomach Innervation
  15. Parts of the Small Intestine
  16. Danny Duodenum
  17. Duodenum Arterial Supply
  18. Ileum and Jejunum Arterial Supply
  19. Small Intestine Venous Drainage
  20. Mesenteric Lymph Nodes
  21. Innervation of the Small Intestine
  22. Large Intestine Anatomy
  23. Large Intestine Arterial Supply
  24. Large Intestine Venous Drainage
  25. Large Intestine Lymphatic Drainage
  26. Large Intestine Innervation
  27. Anorectal Musculature
  28. Rectum & Anal Canal Anatomy
  29. Rectum & Anal Canal Arterial Supply
  30. Rectum & Anal Canal Venous Drainage
  31. Rectum & Anal Canal Lymphatic Drainage
Part 2:
  1. Liver Anterior Surface
  2. Posterior Surface of the Liver
  3. Postero-Inferior Surface of the Liver
  4. Liver Arterial Supply
  5. Liver Venous Drainage
  6. Liver Superficial Lymphatics
  7. Liver Deep Lymphatics
  8. Liver Innervation
  9. Inside the Gallbladder
  10. Gallbladder Ducts
  11. Gallbladder Venous Drainage
  12. Gallbladder Lymphatic Drainage
  13. Parts of the Pancreas
  14. Ducts of the Pancreas
  15. Pancreas Arterial Supply
  16. Pancreas Venous Drainage
  17. Pancreas Lymphatic Drainage
  18. Pancreas Innervation

Product Information:

  • File Type: PDF E-book digital download
  • Image Size: A4 (210x297mm) (please note that the images included in this bundle are set to a lower resolution than the ones sold individually. But they are still as crisp as a cold winters morning!)
  • Number of Pages: Part 1 (32 pages), Part 2 (18 Pages)
  • File Size: Part 1 (34.4MB), Part 2 (18.2MB)

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